Wicked Glass

Jimi AKA "Wicked Glass" (The Glass Nomad)

Exclusive to Australian buyers @Amorphous Gallery, this Santa Cruz nomad is currently travelling the USA & the world creating glass art and writing his book "Escape The Code." 

How best to explain this artist is a splash of living different ! Working from his RV /Caravan with his cats Nala & Lily, he has brought to life some amazing pieces with his most sought after, the "Kraken" a sea monster of the deep best described as an Octopus like creature. 

There is a story behind the Kraken pieces. Not many have picked up on the theme that will run through His book of solitary mobile travel while "working". Restless, moving there locations regularly and watching the busy reef from their sanctuary.. octopus are solitary creatures. Introversion is not being "shy" just a way to gather ones energy from solitude then their surroundings. 

We currently pride ourselves as the only Australian based supplier for this artist , you can check more of his work over on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/wickedglass/?hl=en

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