Scoz Glass

Scoz Glass in Australia only Found at Amorphous Gallery.

Scott “Scoz” has had a love for sculpting as far back as he can remember. In High School it was clay and painting, as those were the mediums available at the time. When he was 19 he discovered glass blowing where his passion began to consume him and he fell into his niche. He has experimented in many styles but his heart is in sculpting.

Scoz has been blowing glass since 1999 and is self taught.  He has made a variety of glass over the years including sandblasted and oil painted flowers, fume and inception marbles, and most recently – Dragons.  His glass is mainly sculptural although some pieces are functional water pipes.

Scoz is best known for his dragons, which have won numerous awards including High Times Cannabis Cup “Best Glass” three times. Scoz Dragons have also been featured in Dope Magazine, NW Leaf, and on Billboards in the Seattle, Washington area. 

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